Swag Bucks Tells Us How They Feel About Cancer

Swag Bucks is known for offering great sweepstakes, and all sorts of freebies and goodies, but they’re more than that. They have strong feelings on the tough issues facing the world today as evidenced by this “cancer sucks” captcha. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these on their site – maybe “the recession blows” or “screw poverty”.


Kevin Mitnick Will Have Work in 2027 Thanks to Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In these uncertain economic times no one can claim full job security, much less predict where they’ll be working in 16 years. No one except for Kevin Mitnick that is.

Thanks to Eidos Montreal, developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Mitnick now knows where he’ll be in 16 years – working for a fictional company that produces human augmentations. Not to shabby for a guy who did time for hacking!