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Just How Hard Is Verizon Throttling AWS? Spoiler: AWS Is The Shoe

Update 04/17/14 2:47pm Eastern Alright guys, I messed up – I never ran the other test I was working on, and I apologize for dropping the ball there. Sounds like the issue was with an interconnect, and it also sounds … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Mythbusting

I’ve recently become extremely interested in and involved with bitcoins, and the more I research the topic the more misinformation I see. There seems to be a lot of confusion over what bitcoins are, how they’re used, and even whether … Continue reading

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Restrictive DRM Makes Buying Games Unappealing

On Tuesday February 7th Ubisoft plans to start some work on their servers. As you could probably imagine, that’s going to leave the online multiplayer component of most of their games unusable until the work is done. Unfortunately, for PC … Continue reading

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Dear Microsoft,, Please Plug These Holes.

Over the past several months Xbox Live accounts (including mine) have been getting hacked en masse. Once the hacker has taken control of the victim’s account, they’re buying up as many Microsoft Points as they can, and spending them all … Continue reading

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The Tale of a Hacked Xbox Live Account

On September 6th, just after 9 AM, I received an email informing me that my purchase of 1600 Microsoft points had been unsuccessful. This was something of a surprise, as I had not attempted to buy any Microsoft points that … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Buy My Diablo 3 Loot?

Diablo 3 may be the most anticipated PC game of all time, but, as it turns out, it will implement one of the most loathed concepts in PC gaming – a system where you can pay real money for in-game … Continue reading

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So How Does Craigslist Flagging REALLY Work?

Despite the luxurious three figure income that freelance writing provides, I still find myself seeking side work from time to time. Fortunately, I’m not just a snarky writer, I also happen to be pretty good at fixing broken electronics as … Continue reading

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