Pandora: A Case Study on the True Price of Bad Marketing

After taking a break from Pandora for about a year and a half, I recently dove back in, and I’m loving it.They do a far better job of picking music I like than competitors like Slacker and Last FM. Despite the quality of Pandora’s service, I might still wander away from them again. Not because I don’t care for the service or the company, but because they have made it difficult to just keep listening.  Continue reading

So How Does Craigslist Flagging REALLY Work?

Despite the luxurious three figure income that freelance writing provides, I still find myself seeking side work from time to time. Fortunately, I’m not just a snarky writer, I also happen to be pretty good at fixing broken electronics as well. I often post my repair services on Craigslist, but recently I’ve noticed a lot of my ads for Xbox 360 repairs getting flagged down. Given the fact that I don’t offer any modding services that violate the Craigslist terms of service (and the law for that matter) I was surprised my listings were getting taken down. I was even more surprised when I saw listings going down within minutes of going live on Craigslist.  Continue reading