The Tale of a Hacked Xbox Live Account

On September 6th, just after 9 AM, I received an email informing me that my purchase of 1600 Microsoft points had been unsuccessful. This was something of a surprise, as I had not attempted to buy any Microsoft points that day, so I logged into my Xbox Live account to find out what was going on.

Sure enough, all of the Microsoft points that were stored in my XBL account had been spent on in game items for FIFA 11 (I don’t own that game… hell, I don’t even like soccer video games) and whoever spent my MS points had then tried to purchase more. Presumably, when that purchase failed, they abandoned my account and went on to steal from some other unsuspecting gamer.

Upon making this discovery, I promptly called Xbox customer support. An apathetic young man who’s name escapes me at the moment answered, and after asking me a long series of questions designed to verify my identity, he told me that my account would be locked for “up to 25 days” while the issue was investigated.  He ended the call by reminding me to check out for more information on all the cool services I wouldn’t be using for the next month, adding insult to injury.

After about two weeks had passed, I decided to call in just to see if there was any news on the investigation. After navigating through the series of prompts 1-800-4-MY-XBOX had to offer, a woman with a thick Indian accent informed me that it would actually take 21 business days, not 25 calendar days, and she said I’d probably hear back sometime in October.

Finally on Monday October 3rd my Xbox Live account was reinstated, and Microsoft provided a code for a free month of XBL without my having to ask for it. Unfortunately, after following the instructions provided by Microsoft’s customer service department via email, I was unable to redeem that code. It turns out that by recovering my gamertag to my console I actually flagged the account to be locked again. Fortunately, this issue was corrected by a five minute phone call to customer service.

Once my account was back in order, I replied to the email I received with several questions I wanted answered. Below is an excerpt from that email.

First, how was my account breached? I don’t do anything with my windows live ID other than visit, and log into my Xbox 360, and I don’t give out passwords. For my protection, I’d like to know how the breach happened so I can take any necessary actions to prevent it in the future.

Second, which parts of my account were accessed by the hacker? If they accessed my credit card information in any way, I need to know about it so that I can contact any of the cards that may have been affected in order to prevent fraudulent charges.

Third, how do I go about removing all of my credit cards from my account? I will use cards purchased from stores to up my XBL subscription, and to purchase MS points – I no longer need, nor want any credit cards associated with this account, as it has proven to be insecure. email.

All of those points seemed like reasonable requests to me. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal would most likely agree with me, given that he had some choice words for Sony earlier this year when the Playstation Network was hacked, and millions of customers had their personal information stolen. In a letter to Jack Tretton, president and CEO of SCEA, Senator Blumenthal said the following:

When a data breach occurs, it is essential that customers be immediately notified about whether and to what extent their personal and financial information has been compromised. Additionally, PlayStation Network users should be provided with financial data security services, including free access to credit reporting services, for two years, the costs of which should be borne by Sony. Affected individuals should also be provided with sufficient insurance to protect them from the possible financial consequences of identity theft.

Microsoft doesn’t quite see eye to eye with me, or Senator Blumenthal, as evidenced by their response to my request.

Dear Xbox LIVE Customer:

We apologize, but we are not at liberty to explain our investigation process. However $ 16.03 has been refunded to your account. Refunds could take up to 5-10 business days prior to displaying in your billing activity. It may take 30 days or longer to appear on your statement, depending on your financial institution’s policies.

If you have any concerns regarding this notice, you may either reply to this message or contact Xbox Customer Support directly using the information available at and reference the Service Request number above.


The Xbox LIVE Escalations Team

I emailed them back to let them know that I did appreciate the refund, but that I’d still need to know how my personal information was accessed in order to take any necessary precautions, and as of this writing, I haven’t received a response (though I’ll update this post if I do).

It’s also worth noting that they completely dodged the bit about removing credit cards from my XBL account. That’s because you have to have at least one payment method associated with your Xbox Live account. If you want to remove the credit card associated with Xbox Live autobilling, you’ll first have to associate a different card, or your Paypal account with XBL.

So, after a month long investigation, Microsoft will only acknowledge what I knew on September 6th – that someone other than myself accessed my Xbox Live account. They are either unable, or unwilling to give me any information about how my account was accessed, or about which (if any) pieces of my personal information were taken by the hacker. In other words, someone gained access to my account, may or may not have accessed my personal information, and spent my Microsoft points, and Microsoft does not intend to help to protect me from any of the potential hazards associated with having my personal information accessed.

At least when Sony gave out my personal information they offered identity theft protection to make up for it.

I reached out to Xbox Live’s Director of Policy and Enforcement Stephen Toulouse prior to writing this article for information on Microsoft’s end of the investigation process, but unfortunately, he did not return my email.

With no word from Microsoft on what information the hacker may have accessed, and no concrete information from Toulouse on Microsoft’s hacked account investigation process, I’m left feeling like my Xbox Live account may wind up being a security liability.

UPDATE: Both Ars Technica and Gizmodo have received the following response from Microsoft after inquiring about the recent rash of XBL hacking:

We do not have any evidence the Xbox LIVE service has been compromised. We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats. However, a limited number of members have contacted us regarding unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals. We are working with our impacted members directly to resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts. As always, we highly recommend our members follow the Xbox LIVE Account Security guidance provided at to protect your account

Well, at least the entirety of Xbox Live wasn’t hacked – that’s good news, right? This is still a fairly widespread issue if the comments and forums across the internet are any indication, and Microsoft would do well to consider additional security measures to prevent future hacking attempts from being successful.

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  1. such is the customer service process nowadays. I went through a similar process trying to reinstate the internet in the house about a year ago. By now I don’t even bother with Microsoft’s or any company’s customer service process. You just have to pester them enough and they might reply

    1. I am just now undergoing this journey… so it is good to hear that things are working out for those who have been hit. It is weird that the Fifa series is a common factor too..

      1. I got hacked on the 6th, they spent the 1k points I had on a name change, I rang MS and they said 3-4 weeks.

        A few days later someone stole my GT name (it’s not something you can just make up) SO I rang back MS and said Ummm I want my name back too why didn’t you block anyone from taking it??? The thing on the line said OH you want everything back? I’ll make a note and we might be able to get it back for you.

        Now this might not seem like a big deal to you but it is to me, I have decide if I do not get everything back I’m talking to my lawyer. I want to know why this is happening. To mention If you have a your GT attached to a WP7 phone you can’t change your password unless you want to lose all your games and data, I tried so thanks again MS

  2. I got the same email also, but the Xbox Live CS did nothing to help me. Luckily the creditcard info I have on tied to my account is a dummy card that doesn’t even work anymore or at the time of the breach. 

  3. Same thing has just happened to me but the scum bag bought between 6 and 7k MS points. I also can’t think how they got my details. I guessing XBL is not very secure.

  4. happened to me last week as well, 4000K MS pts charged, but what i dont get is it shows me online at the dashboard 24-7 when i use my GFs xbox live?? got the refund already as well, thankful for that!

  5. Happened to me Oct 1st. 2100 stolen from account and a further 8k points bought.

    Managed to find the console ID of the person who hacked  my account, but not much other luck in tracking them down. For their sake, they better hope I don’t find them 🙂

  6. Happened to me Sept 20 2011. Didnt get to many ms points though because luckily their system flagged it and they have been pretty helpful so far. Its good to know that ill get my account back too. Someone in Russia took mine, commy bastards, lol.

  7. 10,000 Microsoft Points for me! And as of today I have heard NOTHING from Microsoft about my case. My bank account was raided and my account is locked. They might as well just keep it because I’m selling my Xbox and staying with Sony.

  8. Just got hit today, they took my Gamertag off of my Windows Live ID somehow and tacked it onto some denmark hotmail address… played FIFA 12 for abit today, probably gave up when they realized my card was expired on that account..  I just wonder how they completely detached the Gamertag from my Windows Live ID and also changed my Windows Live ID password.  I hope it gets resolved quickly, I just restarted a netflix subscription only to have this happen..

  9. this is what i dont understand, how are they transferring these points?  thought “gifting” was impossible? im out almost 6000 points while they track down the dirtbag who hacked my account

    1. I can’t speak for everyone, but in my case, the points were spent on in game cash for FIFA 11. I assume the in game cash (jumbo gold pack) once downloaded could be used by another gamertag. 

    2. +1 whoever got my account credentials, transferred them off of my account (all 4000 of them which I just got for my bday) along with (I assume) my freshly activated 12+2 subscription.  Talk about frustrating.  I didnt have gold for 2 months before that because I couldn’t afford it.  Also to add insult to injury, they DELETED my account entirely.  I really hope I get my gamertag back.

  10. Exact same thing happened to my husband.  Points bought and spent on FIFA 2011 also.  The account has a user name and password unique to it.  It is not logged into on any windows machine.  It was linked to a facebook account though.

  11. Same exact issue – if you do a little Googling you can find this topic being covered in several message boards, but nowhere online is there any actual coverage.  I’ve read that several people were told that the investigation is taking so long due to “unusually high volume”, which to me indicates that these aren’t isolated events.  I’ve read also that EA’s site was hacked not too long ago and that anyone who had an Xbox Live ID associated with it was at risk.  I checked the EA site and apparently I had created an account in 2008…for some reason that I can’t recall.  I don’t know if that’s a common factor in everyone else’s case, though. 

     I received an e-mail Tuesday about the purchase of 6000 MS points, followed by an e-mail for 4000 MS points and an e-mail about an additional e-mail address being added to my account.  I clicked the link to deny the e-mail address and immediately changed my Xbox Live password online.  I called Microsoft, who asked a long series of questions and stated that an investigation would begin and that it could take up to 25 days.  I asked about a refund and they stated that was dependent on the investigation.  Not liking that answer, I called my bank who immediately refunded the amount and issued me a new card.  I think I’m going to leave my old, useless card on the account and just pay with gift cards from now on…

    The part that sucks is the account is locked during the investigation and I’m unable to use my Netflix streaming.

    1. yeah this could have happened at a worse time with the lineup this month. they better have it sorted by the time MW3 gets here

    2. I miss Netflix on the bigscreen 🙁 Plus they charged me 200 bucks for useless stuff that Microsoft said they may refund and that I’ll have to do more emails and calling just for them to work on it. *head desks* I’m moving to PS3. 

  12. Mine has been “under investigation” since August 11, and still no resolution.  They spent about $130 in my case.  I’ve called them once a week since the “22 days” I was originally told was up, and nothing has changed.  Each time, I have been told that it is “still being investigated”.  

  13. Happend to me on July 13. Didn’t get my account back until late september. I will say, the more you bitch, the more free stuff you might get. I got 5 months of free xbox live codes.

  14. Ars article on this is just to get clicks.  There’s a valid story here and you’ve done a great job of asking the right questions.  Now we just got to put pressure on MS to answer them.  It disturbs me deeply that they dodged the questions and refused to tell you about your account.

  15. Happened to me as well as my dad, brother and sister on September 28th. We are all connected via the family program and my dad is the “primary account.” I put my credit card on his account so I could purchase points when I needed them and transfer them over to my account. His account was stolen and my card ended up being charged 6000 MS points. Whoever stole also was playing Fifa 12 on both my dad’s and sister’s account although we have never owned a Fifa game.

  16. I just got hit yesterday for 10,000 MS points. Good luck to everyone dealing with this nonsense. I’ve got about $20 to my name until I can get this refunded or my next paycheck, whichever comes first…hopefully it’s a refund.

  17. have to have at least one payment method associated with your Xbox Live account. If you want to remove the credit card associated with Xbox Live autobilling, you’ll first have to associate a different card, or your Paypal account with XBL.

    FALSE. You can use prepaid subscription codes from pcgamesupply, Amazon, Gamestop, 7-11, and many, many other online and brick-and-mortar resellers, and never have a card on your account; heck, since you were involved in such a problem, why not call and ask to switch to prepaid cards, to convert time remaining into prepaid codes. 

    1. You have to HAVE said card to do so. Point being you can’t remove your existing payment method without replacing it with another.

  18. 6000 from me. I was playing gears 3 and got drop off live. Went to log in and it said my account info was wrong. Call XBOX and they said do forgot password to reset it. Know I have too wait 25 days for a refund. Oh yes I’m lock out too. It sucks. Made because I bought Batman with code that expire next month.

  19. I hate that we depend on a company like Microsoft to run our computers, our games, and our operating systems. This gigantic troll continues to club us down and offers little to no sating to constant questions. I understand they have a product, and anything worth value is worth protecting. Yet Microsoft is SO big they continuously fob their noses into the air and run over customers by their girth alone.

    I am a student, I don’t have uber amounts of money laying around. These Fifa louses sucked the money from my bank account, so much so that I cannot afford the dentist appointment I had set up today and my back tooth is killing me. Maybe that’s why this post is so grumpy sounding.. yet I digress. 25 days just for the investigation THEN they MAY refund my money? I already called my credit company and they want to wait for the Microsoft reports. *sighs* I had to cancel my card and wait for a new one.. not that I have that much LEFT in my bank account at the moment. Not to mention the representative was nothing but haughty, rude, and demeaning to every small question I dared to asked. I know I might not sound like it at the moment but I was nothing but polite and patient during the course of our conversation.

    Also to those of you saying I was asking for it by having payment information online, go suck the proverbial big one. That’s like saying I should never feel free to use any services that offer ‘protection’ against fraud. No one is ever asking for identity theft or fraud to occur. I must admit though that I don’t plan on using credit card information for any Xbox live account I MIGHT continue to use, and that’s a big one considering they are being so close lipped about this situation. I’m a customer, I pay you to service me, when the customer goes, the money goes with.. sadly Microsoft will survive thanks to their bullying tactics and egotistical manner. Hail consumerism.

    My only question to Microsoft when I recieve my email regarding the investigation will be, When is enough, enough? We pay for your services, you should cater to our questions, and answer our simple requests about WHO got WHAT from OUR accounts. Thank you and good luck to everyone that was ripped off by those simpering monkey gits.

  20. It really bites, doesn’t it?  I had my tag hacked a couple days ago, and I only noticed when I checked my email that morning.  My account was, note was, linked to my boyfriend’s card, and it’s not like we’re living in the lap of luxury here.  We have no jobs, certainly not for a lack of looking, we barely have enough money as it is to take ourselves out to lunch every few weeks as a treat.  All we had in that account was a little more than a dollar, but now we have to pull 75 from thin air to cover this.  This might be minor to some issues, but the lunch thing was an especially nice treat in a depressing job economy that is in the town I live in, and now we might not have that for a long, long, long while as we try to recover finances to cover this really evil maneuver.  I did contact Xbox support, but I’m so really mad.  I wish they could get their just deserts.  The real kicker is that Microsoft isn’t acknowledging this as a widespread problem, and that makes it worse.

    The funny part is that the hacker couldn’t get any more out of the account, which is probably why we are standing at 75 dollars, not hundreds.  I have to find some humor here, or else I’d be murderous mad.  Seriously, nice job, jerks.

  21. Got two emails early morning Nov 5/11 from Microsoft saying I added a
    phone number to my account…. BS… went in asap and got rid of stuff that
    was changed and reset to stronger password. Was able to recover my gamer
    profile back to xbox and of course saw the now infamous FIFA 12 stuff
    on my profile and my 2000 points gone. I didn’t have any credit card
    info on there but I only use a pre-paid credit card anyhow.

    Called Microsoft and let them have my account for the 25 days so maybe
    they can do more than ban these a-holes from xbox live…. this is theft –
    big time…. and they should get some jail time for stealing my money!!

  22. My son just got hacked while playing in the middle of battlefield 3….he thought it was just a server error…recovered his gamer tag… then two minutes later…he was kicked off again… Immediatly I went online to change my password ect… only to find out 10,000 microsoft points have been charged to my credit card!!  This just happened 5 minutes ago and now I am doing a quick google search only to find this is happening to numerous people. It sounds like people at xbl need to put out an alert and start being proactive!! This is totally unacceptable.. Then reading you are locked out of your account for weeks while they investigate??? My son saved his money to buy this game… and now won’t be able to play online with his friends??? WTF  And the people from xbox sound all like it is no big thing..It clearly is…. .saying to call so they can start their month long investigation… I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money… Maybe instead of calling xbox I think maybe there may be enough people by now for a class action law suit… so calling a lawyer instead may be in order. This isn’t just some 39 year old guy sitting in his moms basement..randomly hacking a couple people…It’s been going on for a few months now at least from what I can tell by whole 3 minute investigation..Same thng happening..over and over..people are getting hacked, points added, (I see alot at exactly 10,000)  then games are bought, or tried to before the owner becomes aware and changes his info…….This is so frustrating especially since it is happening so often.. Where was my alert???  Sounds like there has been a breach somewhere up the chain…. and they are trying to keep it quiet….. Forgive my run on sentences and spelling mistakes… I’m one ticked off mom and I am typing a hundred wpm…Think I will go post this on every message board I can find…….thanks.

  23. This happened to me last night- I was trying to log onto XBL and it said my account was invalid, and then I saw that I had received two emails confirming the purchase of 8000 points each (over $100).  I called customer support and the lady- who was pleasant at first, but then quickly became apathetic- said that they would need to lock my account down for 25 days to investigage.. So pretty much the same story as everyone else.  This is such bullshit.  I don’t understand why one of the strongest gaming platforms doesn’t have better security or the sense to TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS BETTER.. not treat us like criminals and lock us out.  I have to call back with my serial number and I’m going to be as pushy as I can and ask to speak with supervisors, etc, as well as address the concerns of this post- how did they hack my account, do they have my credit card information, et cetera.  Also I don’t understand why they have to kick us out of their accounts, rather than letting us play and maybe disabling purchases during the investigation process.  So angry.

  24. It’s EA’s problem if you have ever played an EA game you know you need to join through there servers, the hackers are able to enter your account through EA’s lack of security. You would think that they request you to log in to there servers and sign up to there systems they would make them secure. Fuck EA and they will never ever help you with this problem its in fact impossible to find help from EA for this problem. 

  25. I agree that they are keeping quiet about this breach. This happened to me back in March the assholes charge my card 250 dollars worth of points. I had more sympathy from my bank then I ever got from microsoft. Since then I only use prepaid I don’t want to go through the hurdles that microsoft support again.

  26. Has there been any resolution on this? My account was hacked on November 7th (10 days ago) and I am NOT interested in waiting longer than the 25 days I was told this process was supposed to take. I’ve got a lot of gaming time invested in that account and there are a lot of unlocks and exclusive content associated with it as well as tons of progress in tons of games, and I don’t like playing games knowing that I’m not making progress towards 100% completion in them.

    I just want this taken care of and frankly Microsoft’s completely apathetic responses to my repeated calls are not exactly filling me with confidence.

  27. just happened to me today. i still had access to my account and changed my password prior to calling support. they told me i could leave my account unlocked for now but may need to lock it.

  28. Happenned to me today 2/12/11. Only noticed as i got a confirmation email from xbl thanking me for buying a gold family pack. Guy at microsoft said my cc should be safe now he’s locked the account but how can you have faith in such a sloppy service. Especially when you see how many people its affecting. It’s more the 100’s of hours gametime and unlocks, currently lost, linked on my gamertag that’s making me feel ill. Right before xmas too. I would never get tired of punching the guy who did this in the face.

  29. Somebody spent 3000 microsoft points on Fifa 12! I don’t have that game and yet I have two achievements for it and 3000 less microsoft points. I reported it yesterday 12/26/11. Hopefully they refund my points and sort through this in less than a month.

  30. Checked my bank account tonight to suddenly find that over $100 I was saving had been withdrawn by MS. Didn’t even get any email or anything because whoever did it changed the email associated with my gamertag. Called MS support immediately, gave them my info and got the same 25 day investigation answer. Guy on the other end was actually pretty nice. And I don’t even really care about the money. I just want my gamertag and all its saved games back. I don’t want my 22 Mass Effect 2 playthroughs to be for nothing. 

  31. Just happened to me New Year’s Eve Day … I received some MS Pre-Paid point cards for xmas … One 4000 MS Pts and two 1600 Pts …. I decided to add them to my account so that I could get some DLC and maybe rent a movie or two.  Went to bed with 7200 pts in my account …
    Got up the next morning, turned on  my xbox and one of the login messages came up saying “This account was previously logged into another console” …. Not knowing the gravity of what this really meant, I just dismissed it.
    Went online, played some multiplayer games … That night I was settling in and thought of renting a movie … Made my movie selection, went to purchase and saw that I only had 20 MS pts left in my account.  WTF!!!!
    I looked at my download history on my console … But the only things that showed up are DLC and movies that I downloaded myself.  So I logged into XBL Website and looked at the account history … And there is was Microsoft Gold Jumbo Pack.  They have also associated another email address with my Live Account.  Luckily, the credit card that I associated with my XBL account only has a $200 credit limit … So they can’t get much from me.
    Looked at my Achievements … FIFA 12 is showing up with 2 achievements unlocked.  I immediately called Microsoft and told them about the breach … I can’t stand sports games, I personally would never play one or pick one up .. So it’s pretty ironic that it’s a sports game that has created this security loop hole.
    The MS Support agent went on to tell me that EA Games is running some type of in game promotion for the FIFA game that allows players to win MS Points and then redeem them for cash in the form of a check that is mailed to them.  Isn’t that just awesome.  Way to go EA!!  Thanks to your unsecure “promotion” hundreds if not thousands of us are getting hacked around the globe.
    After reading everything below I don’t know why we someone hasn’t started a class action lawsuit against Microsoft or EA games at this point.  This is Theft and Identity Fraud.
    So I’m in the same boat … Account is locked out for the next 3-6 weeks .. No Netflix or Hulu streaming … No playing online with my friends enjoying the many games that I got for Christmas.   I know it could be much much worse after reading that some people were hit up for 10k or more MS point purchases.  I think that I will be removing my credit card from my XBL account and associating my PayPal account going forward.  At least with PayPal, I have it set up that in order to log into PayPal a security code is sent to my cell phone and that code must be inputting within 3 minutes of receipt.  So I feel that this account is at least locked down and secure.

    I truly feel for anyone that has had this happen to them .. It feels like a complete violation and if Microsoft or EA would only fess up or at the very least close down this security loop hole it might make us feel better about using their offered services.

  32. Got hacked December 27. called xbox, they locked my account after the whole verifying your identity spiel. got an email a day later saying that the investigation is under way and may take up to 3-6 weeks. got a 30 day xbox live code in the email. what i don’t understand is that in the email they said that i would be locked out of  any other microsoft services, but i can still access my hotmail account, which is my windows live id.

  33. I was hacked in october and they said i would have my account back in 25 days. 30 days later they say they meant AT LEAST 25 days.  a week before x-mas the call to say that they attempted to return my account to me and failed but will keep working on it. i find this impossible to believe because it took them 2 seconds to charge my account $100 in microsoft points,  switch the residence to Brazil, and change the email my gamertag was linked to (All without asking if it was legitimately me) but they can not reverse it over the course of 3 months? 

  34. Just happened to me. What a joke. My 360 hadn’t left my closet for nearly a year, and one day I decided to hop on and try out some new games. The next day, well, same story as the rest of you, and now I’m locked out of my own account while they perform their overstated, month long “investigation” that anyone with the access could do in a matter of minutes. A month? Are these people serious?

    Why the lock out at all? Why don’t they just temporarily remove our payment plans and remaining MS points so we can continue using our account without worrying about money being lost if it’s broken into again? But of course not, that would actually make sense and be customer friendly. Microsoft obviously wants us to have to decide between losing a sum of money ($90 in my case) or being locked from what we thought was our property for up to 2 months.

    It makes me ill that these crooks, and sadly I’m referring to Microsoft and not the “hackers”, get away with this crap.

  35. It literally just happened to me. I was playing with a buddy on some random indie game and I got kicked off live. After cursing my Internet and logging back in I got the “previously logged into another xbox” message. I immediately knew I was being hacked. As I went to pick up my laptop to Chang passwords, my girlfriends account logged in and her account was on my console, she didn’t own one. Called just to make sure. So I logged her in and changed her password and as I was doing that , my gt logged out. I quickly logged in and same “other console” message. I quickly changed my password aswell. Luckily I still had my 2000 mp and kept force logging this guy off before he could spend my point and mess up my account. Now I have to wait for tomorrow and call in, and I’m totally looking forward to having my account locked. It better be back by mass effect 3 and raccoon city. I don’t see how my account which gets logged in here in Los Angeles, CA one minute and the get logged in the UK doesn’t raise a red flag over at Microsoft.
    My heart goes out to those of you who lost money and have lost accounts and spent time waiting for Microsoft to “figure out” what happened. If for some odd reason I end up losing my account, xbox will lose a long and faithful customer for good.

  36. I was “FIFA” hacked. My experience is exactly the same as others. Its not brute force password hacking its something else. Maybe social engineering a password reset or something.

  37. SAME!!!! my account was hacked on 1/2/12. called xbox support, confirmed my identity,and my account is under investigation. i know the exact person who did it too!!!! WBxXLEGENDSxX!!! what a douche! somehow he hacked my account and charged me $188 worth of SHIT!!!! he put his address on my credit card and changed my email to something else…well i called the cops on the bastard at 1254 queen trails!!!! the worst part of all of this…is that we r addicted to playin our games and we’ve been locked out and we have to start over!!! an example is that i was 15th prestige in CoD: Black Ops…..i had to start out and level 1…..AGAIN!!!!!! This blows!!! its been 20 days today and they said the max was 15 days for me!!!! the only reason I’m not switching over to playstation right now is because they are a month late for DLCs…..Fuck You Microsoft Customer Support.

  38. Thats so ridiculous. It happened exactly with me. I got hacked by some poor dope who played FIFA12 which i don’t even have, and Microsoft did barely anything to help me. They bought $20 of add ons and gave me 2 achievements. It happened with my friend too who got hacked by someone who had FIFA and they lost like $300

  39. someone hacked into my girlfriends account and spent almost all of her xbox points that she had been saving.  it sucks because we thought that theses memberships were very secure. We’re just happy that we didn’t have a credit card or paypal attached to the account…. thanks xbox for keeping our accounts safe.

  40. there is a video on youtube that shows the flaws of the security of microsoft it is a fairly easy procces to get into someones account and use there cards but you can’t leave out other methods as well 

  41. i think that was an horrible feature on the xbox console update. why would they allow easier access to an account. if your being hacked and your signing back in to change your windows live id and password the hacker can easily access it before you could change it. i was hacked this morning.

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