Hi, my name is Mike Kurz. I’m a freelance journalist and blogger who writes about technology, gaming, internet marketing and unique products. The topics I write about also happen to be passions of mine outside of my writing career, so it’s pretty safe to say that I know what I’m talking about. (They say write what you know, right?)

You may have seen my work on Patch, Incredible Things, Android Rundown or number of other websites.

Here are a few of my favorite examples:

Recycle Your Computer Without Recycling Your Personal Information
The Safe Way to Use Public Wifi
Great Service and Unique Food at Thai Basil
Friendly and Fun Atmosphere at Tortilla Press

See more of my work on Patch here.


Brink – Importance of Dedicated Servers

App Battle: Shazam VS Soundhound
Bomb the Birds Review
Manic Mechanics Review

See more of my work on Android Rundown here.

Incredible Edible Bugs
Willy Wonka Couldn’t Have Done Better Than The Chocolate Waterfall
Experience True Comfort With JeanPants Underwear
PR2 Robot Fetches Beer, Doesn’t Tell You To Get Off Your Lazy Ass And Get It Yourself

See more of my work on Incredible Things here.

Just for fun (and in no particular order) here’s a few older pieces from outlets I’m not currently working with.

The Truth about Xbox Live Bannings
Street Fighter IV: Indestructible!
CGOTW: Aceball
Fallout 3 Blows My Mind, Leaves a Mess on the Carpet

If you’re not tired of reading my work yet, check out the blog for current samples of my work.

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